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Document NumberGuideline NameDate UploadedVersionUnitDownload
SAHPGL-CEM-PV-05Guideline for the handling of Dear Healthcare Professional Letters relating to medicine safetyAugust 11, 20226Pharmacovigilance
SAHPGL-CEM-PV-06Guideline For Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) Reporting for Healthcare ProfessionalsAugust 11, 20223Pharmacovigilance
SAHPGL-CEM-CT-03Emergency Procedures for Clinical Trial SitesAugust 08, 20223Clinical Trials
SAHPGL-CEM-CT-04Oversight and Monitoring in Clinical TrialsAugust 08, 20224Clinical Trials
SAHPGL-CEM-CT-05Liability Insurance for Clinical TrialsAugust 08, 20223Clinical Trials
SAHPGL-CEM-CT-06Procedure for Consultation Meetings with Clinical Trial ApplicantsAugust 08, 20222Clinical Trials
SAHPGL-CEM-CT-07Post Clinical Trial AccessAugust 08, 20224Clinical Trials
SAHPGL-RDN-RN-05Guideline On Afterloader Source Exchange Forms (RNXM)July 28, 20221Radiation Control
SAHPGL-HPA-04Renewal of Human and Veterinary Medicines Requirements and ProcessJune 22, 20221Biological Medicines Evaluation and Research, General ECTD & human medicines, Veterinary medicines
SAHPGL-INS-RC-1Guidelines for Market Surveillance Of MedicinesJune 21, 20222Regulatory Compliance
SAHPGL-INS-RC-11Guideline for Release of Import Health Products at Ports of EntryJune 21, 20222Regulatory Compliance