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Document NumberGuideline NameDate UploadedVersionUnitDownload
SAHPGL-RDN-RN-09I-131 Therapy2022 Dec2Radiation Control, Radionuclides
SAHPGL-RDN-RN-10Leak tests2022 Dec3Radiation Control, Radionuclides
SAHPGL-RDN-RN-11RPO Competence and Training Requirements2022 Dec2Radiation Control, Radionuclides
SAHPGL-RDN-RN-12Reporting National Radiation Occurrences2022 Dec2Radiation Control, Radionuclides
SAHPGL-RDN-RN-13Management and Disposal of Non-nuclear Radioactive Waste2022 Dec2Radiation Control, Radionuclides
SAHPGL-PEM-03Guideline for the API Master File (APIMF) Procedure2022 Nov3General ECTD & human medicines
SAHPGL-INSP-RC-13Guideline For Cultivation Of Cannabis2022 Nov3Cannabis, Licencing, Regulatory Compliance
SAHPGL-INSP-RC-12 Guideline On How To Lodge A Complaint On Medicines And Medical Devices2022 Nov4Regulatory Compliance
SAHPGL-CEM-03Guideline For Patient Information Leaflet For Human Medicines (Categories A D)
2022 Oct7General ECTD & human medicines
SAHPGL-HPA-05BAU Variations Communication2022 Sep4General ECTD & human medicines