24 March is World TB Day

Every year, the world commemorates World Tuberculosis (TB) Day on 24 March to raise awareness of the impact of the disease for one’s health as well as social and economic consequences. The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) acknowledges the day and is playing its part in raising awareness on TB.

Annually, more than 56 000 people die from TB; a disease that is preventable and curable.

The theme for this year is “Yes! You and I Can End TB”. The theme aims to encourage individual action to contribute to the national effort against TB. It also emphasises the importance of being accountable as an individual and as part of a collective.

According to Stop TB Partnership, the TB situation in South Africa as of 2021 showed:

  • 304 000 (an estimation) people developed TB
  • 163 000 (an estimation) people developed TB and co-infected with HIV
  • 55 000 people died because of TB

What can you do?

Get screened and tested

  • Getting tested for TB – it`s quick, easy and free
  • Go to your nearest clinic and get tested for TB
  • Coughing? Test for BOTH TB and COVID-19
  • High risk groups should get tested for TB, even if they show no symptoms. This includes people living with HIV

TB can be cured. If you have a fever, are losing weight, have drenching sweats at night, or have been coughing for more than two weeks, get tested for TB as soon as possible. It is important to follow the recommended course of treatment and complete it to cure TB and to prevent drug resistant conditions.

For more information on TB:

Sources: https://sanac.org.za/, https://dashboards.stoptb.org/country-profile.html

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