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SA GCP Guidelines2020Guideline
Clinical Trials Committee and Submission dates for 202120212Guideline
Clinical Trials Committee and Submission dates for 202220211Guideline
2.11Safety Reporting During Clinical Trials20214Guideline
2.41Emergency Procedures for Clinical Trial Sites20192Guideline
2.42Post Clinical Trial Access20192Guideline
2.43Oversight and Monitoring in Clinical Trials20213Guideline
2.49Capacity Building and Transformation during Clinical Trials2019Guideline
2.51Clinical Trial Participant Time, Inconvenience and Expense (TIE) Compensation Model20181Guideline
2.55Liability Insurance for Clinical Trials20191Guideline
6.29Procedure for Consultation Meetings with Clinical Trial Applicants20191Guideline
9.59Electronic submission of clinical trials20192Guideline
9.84Clinical Trial Investigators20192Guideline