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RC001Application for a licence to use an X-ray device2016Application Form
RC002Disposal – Premises change2016Application Form
RC003-1Application for a licence to use a therapeutic device or particle acceleratorApplication Form
RC003-2Change of Responsible person or Medical PhysicistApplication Form
RC003-3Application for a licence to use a particle acceleratorApplication Form
RC004Application for premises licence to maintain or install X-ray devices2015Application Form
RC005Responsible Person2016Application Form
RC006Medical Physicist for Interventional Radiology2019Application Form
RC007Re-instate licence of x-ray device2019Application Form
RC008-1Registration of radiation workerApplication Form
RC009-1Medical report on radiation workerApplication Form
RC010Notification of radiation occurrence2007Report Form
RC011-1(DENT)Application for Use and Details of Transaction as per Condition 03 of your Licence to Import or Manufacture2017Report Form
RC011-1(MRI)Details of Transaction as per condition 03 or 04 of your licence to either Import or ManufactureReport Form
RC011-1(R)Details for Replacement of Dental X-Ray Unit2014Report Form
RC011-1(rev 1)Details of Transaction as per condition 03 or 04 of your licence to either Import or ManufactureReport Form
RC012-1Application for exemption from personal monitoring – Dental radiographyApplication Form
RC013-1Application to register as an industrial radiographer(x- ray Radiography)Application Form
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RN001MRS – Monthly report on sealed radionuclides12021Report Form
RN002MRU – Monthly report on unsealed radionuclides12021Report Form
RN523App_Liquid RA waste12021Application Form
RN524App_Solid RA waste12021Application Form
RN525App_Discard sealed sources12021Application Form
RN525iApp_Discard sealed sources12021Application Form
RN526App_Dispose of (sell) radionuclides12021Application Form
RN527App_Change details12021Application Form
RN528App_Cancel Authority12021Application Form
RN607 Medical report12021Report Form
RN608Particulars of sealed radioactive sourcesN/A2021Application Form
RN621Application to release equipment from storage at NLM (NECSA)N/A2021Application Form
RN778App_Register industrial radiographer12021Application Form
RN780Log for sealed gamma radiography sources12021Application Form
RN781App_Import12021Application Form
RN781aConfirmation of import12021Application Form
RN782App_Export12021Application Form
RN782aConfirmation of export12021Application Form
RN783Log for TRANSPORT of AFTERLOADER sources12021Application Form
RN785App_Change of RPO12021Application Form
RN786App_Change of physicists12021Application Form
RN786AApp_RPA Radiation Protection Adviser12021Application Form
RN787App_Renewal or new source authority12021Application Form
RN787AList of premises & rooms12021Application Form
RN788Temp Use Loan12021Application Form
RN789App_ Convey only12021Application Form
RN855App_Maintenance work on apparatus with sealed RS12021Application Form
RN800 Notice of Complaint 12021Application Form
RN900 Incident Notification Form12021Application Form
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SBLM-1Application for a licence to use a medical laserApplication Form
SBLN-1Application for a licence to use a non-medical laserApplication Form
SBMR-1Application for a licence to use an MRI device (medical)Application Form
SBVETMR-1Application for a licence to use an MRI device (veterinary)Application Form