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06 January 2021

SAHPRA is pleased to announce the commencement of the build of an online directory for over the counter (OTC) SAHPRA approved medicines. This will include all Schedule 0, 1 and 2 registered OTC medicines. A launch date of May 2021 is anticipated.

The domain name is

The online mobile friendly OTC directory will assist with providing the public and healthcare professionals with a detailed guide as per the information found in the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) to all registered OTC products available in South Africa, including complementary medicines once registered. Where a PIL is not as yet approved, the information from the Professional Information (PI) will be used.

This system is being developed in partnership with the Self-Care Association of South Africa who will remain part of the project team that supports this project together with SAHPRA.

About the system

The system will include a search functionality to ensure prompt and easy navigation of all OTC SAHPRA registered products. The SAHPRA OTC online directory will allow searches to be conducted by reference to:

  • therapeutic category or pharmacological classification, such as analgesics, antacids and gastrointestinal;
  • product name; and
  • ingredients, for example paracetamol and aspirin.

Each OTC manufacturer will receive a secure login from the system, for use by their Responsible Pharmacist or designated person. This will provide access to load all their relevant approved PILs for their OTC products (or PIs where a PIL is not as yet approved), the names of which will be pre-loaded. Only the products attributed to the manufacturer in question will be visible to that manufacturer or applicant. The Responsible Pharmacist of the manufacturer in question will sign off to verify that the information is correct and is the most recent. SAHPRA will always have full oversight to ensure reliability of information, transparency, and accountability.

The platform will not be used for marketing purposes and no logos or branding of any kind, other than that of SAHPRA will be permitted.

The Holder of Certificate of Registration of all OTC medicines will be contacted by one of the project team members in the coming weeks in order to glean the necessary information required for the successful build of the online OTC directory. Detailed guidelines will be provided.

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