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Radiation Control Unit undergoes IAEA training on RAIS

17 February 2023

Pretoria – The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) Radiation Control (RadCon) Unit has undergone intensive training on the Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS+) through the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The training took place at the head office in Pretoria during 29 January – 03 February 2023.

The RAIS system has been developed by IAEA to support member states like South Africa to assist the regulatory authorities to manage their regulatory programme.

What is the system – how does it work?

RadCon is participating in a pilot project by the IAEA to test all the functionality of the RAIS+ system prior to the official launch of the system. The system is comprehensive and highly customisable, and it includes functions such as authorisation for use or transport of radiation sources, as well as managing an inspection and enforcement process efficiently. The system will allow a regulatory body to receive online applications and authority holders can download their approval certificates and manage their inventory online.

The entire RadCon team attended the training where colleagues from the Cape Town and Durban offices attended online, while the Pretoria office colleagues attended in person.

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